Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Great Silly String Escape

It is a widespread popular belief - if not an over-exaggeration - that Silly String is a healthy, useful way to remove unwanted nasal congestion.

Put aside engaging legal matters concerning spraying someone with Silly String and take up instead this general question: When is the stimulation or creation of laughter induced by Silly String not good for clearing up a stuffy nose (or a stuffy attitude)? 

Let us first consider, from a philosophical point of view, some of the reasons why the use of Silly String might be unhealthy and in tension with accepted societal values. Since no philosophers of recognition have addressed the use of Silly String directly, we hope to fill this void by taking up the general concern about the level of silliness Silly String invokes. 

However, due to limitations associated with the typical attention span of blog readers, we must now close this post rather than take you on a full tour of the ethics of Silly String. 

Play Nice! 

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