Sunday, May 13, 2012

Women Only Day


Celebrate Womanhood by Doing
That Which Only We Can Do

Make an Entrance

Entertain Two Contradictory Thoughts

Cry at the Movies
and not look ridiculous

Sign up for Dance Classes
After Seeing This Scene

Solve World Problems at the Salon

Let Men Make Fun of Our Driving
Get Free Chauffeur & Valet

Decorate The Steering Wheel
It's the right thing to do
To preserve a quality manicure

Be a Good Listener to the Family Pet
The Dog will always be on your side

If for any reason you find yourself losing an argument

Always make time for tea & girlfriends

Make it to a Sale On Time
Need I say more?

Because we're so good at it

Demonstrate True Kitchen Domination

Alternate Version:
Tell everyone you meet that you can't cook
This way they don't expect culinary mastery
This way we can chat on Facebook
Instead of spending the day in the kitchen

Make the World Laugh

Make a Memorable Exit

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