Monday, May 21, 2012

Cats are from Saturn, Dogs are from Pluto Part 2

Why Is Running Away So Tempting? 

Cats are from Saturn, Dogs are from Pluto Part 1 addressed basic communication with the opposite pet, reviewing the basic needs of each species of both cats and dogs. In this segment, I'd like to discuss why running away is so tempting. 

Unlike in Farmville, real animals can run away.  Running away is almost always associated with the pet's needs not being met. Perhaps there is a friendly Tom cat across the street egging Fluffy on, coercing her to get out and chase her tail with the other free kitties, eat on the road, and sing Karaoke at night along the hip, happening fence between your yard and your neighbor's yard. Running away in this sense starts with a friendship, strengthening with each Karaoke night signing session. 

The life of a pet can sometimes be difficult. With no real means of true pet-master communication, pets can feel extremely disillusioned about their lives. When they find other pets with which to run, sing and climb trees, the idea of running away becomes a powerful magnet. Sooner or later, you find yourself posting signs up on neighborhood poles and trees in search of your beloved Fluffy. 

Very often the owner will find Fluffy down the street hanging out with a notorious gang of Stray Cats, wondering how in the world could Fluffy hang out with them? She's so persnickety and they're so, well, uncultured. That's because the attraction is emotional. Your Fluffy doesn't care if the neighborhood cats are ill-bred, she just wants to play and have fun. She wants to feel important. 

What Fluffy really likes isn't singing and hanging out with the gang as much as the attention she gets and the ability to forget about empty water dishes, forgotten grooming sessions, and beds that haven't been laundered timely. Fluffy needs love and when she doesn't get it, she's more willing to join the chorus. Don't let kitty join the chorus, keep her happy, fed, and content and you'll not find yourself hanging up missing Fluffy signs around the neighborhood. 

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Bob Bruhin said...

I love cats. I really do.

But they ARE teh crazy. It's just the way it is.