Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Steampunk World Fair

The Journal of Steampunking proudly presents its annual Steampunk World Fair.  

Final preparations are being made for thought travel back to the 1873 World Fair in Vienna. Steampunkers from all over the globe plan to thought travel back to Austria for the 5th World Fair whereby we will be Steampunking the exhibits. 

First stop on our thought travel journey: J. N. Menhard's workshop. 

His Gothic-style high- and bas relief-carved pipe with its Imperial arms, Austrian double eagle, and etched rotunda offers Steampunkers an opportunity to add a little Steampunky flavor to the otherwise somber event. 

In our Steampunk bag of tricks, we have turquoise and amber beads and a diamond that will perfectly adorn the piece if nestled inside the crown high atop the wind cover. 

The goal: Convince Menhard to mix mediums in what might otherwise be just an ordinary - albeit extraordinarily carved - meerschaum pipe. 


The Steampunk thought travel team is being orchestrated by none other than Lady Steampunk, that notorious thought traveling Steampunker responsible for Steampunking many of history's greatest objects. 

Her retrovations include the now infamous hand known as "Thing" from The Addams Family

Star Wars' collection of droids (R2D2 and C3P0)...

Darth Vader's helmet...

and the little minions from Despicable Me

What are Steampunk thought experiments? Steampunk thought experiments are imagined experiences in which the goal is to Steampunk an object from history.  They are usually performed ahead of real experiences in this temporal space otherwise known as "reality".  

Just as scientists have discovered that our physical universe can be seen as either particles or waves, depending on your perspective or thought inclination, so too can the universe be seen as a Cosmic Steampunk House whereby all objects are considered "fair game" for Steampunkers. 

Contact your local Steampunk Chapter for more information on this and other Steampunk thought travel experiments. 

Brought to you by Gyroscopic Navigation Footwear, the popular choice in Steampunk thought travel footwear... simply punch in the coordinates into the Destination Meter and the Gyroscopic Navigator plots it. Throttle on and the propellers blast you forward on a hover cushion of steam. Constructed of leather, silk'hemp fabrics with brass fitting and a rubber gum sole. 

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