Sunday, July 17, 2011

Soph(istry) is NOT Covered in the Philosopher's Insurance Plan

Philosopher's Insurance Plan

Attention Philosophers!!

Ever since Moritz Schlick was shot four times by an angry student, philosophers have found it difficult to acquire the right insurance plan for their peculiar profession.  Now, John Locke Life and Casuistry has announced a new health plan designed especially with the philosopher in mind.

Coverage Includes

  • Epistemically serendipitous brain lesions
  • Acts of Evil Demons
  • Accidents during Twin Earth excursions or with Occam's Razor
  • The pineal gland
  • Hemlock overdoses

Coverage Does Not Include

  • Category mistakes
  • Sophistry 
  • Misplaced concreteness
  • Being impaled on the horns of a dilemma
  • Informal fallacies
    • Falling off a slippery slope
    • Accident
    • Injuries resulting from following a red herring
    • Allergic reactions to straw men
    • Injuries resulting from the appeal to force
  • Participating in others' Forms
  • Emanating on others' property
  • Preexisting conditions such as dogmatic slumbers or being like a bat

*Reposted from "The View From the Clouds" Philosopher's Humor 
Courtesy of the folks at The University of Mississippi
Philosophy Graduate Students and Faculty

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