Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hairdos and Humor

Sometimes our most embarrassing moments are the funniest ones. We're not laughing at others' disastrous hairdos; we're often identifying with them! 

If you lived through the 80s, you'll quickly recognize this scrunchy hairdo! While I didn't post mine out of pure horror and humiliation, I can tell you these are the moments in our lives that we all tend to carry around with us. The issue comes from whether or not we let those memories define us today. The same goes for our perceptions on how others perceive us. If you have a sibling or friend that remembers you "way back when", they're often part of the perception that keeps us trapped "way back there" when we're ready to venture out. When this happens, turn it around as soon as you can. Make a joke about how you "used to be" or how you "used to dress" but don't give it any new energy. Laugh it away...

When all else fails, send them a "Before" and "After" picture... how great the world would be if we could see past the "Before" pictures...of ourselves and others! 

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