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Raising Funny Kids 43: Doodles

Joyfuldia Doodle Art

What child doesn't love to Doodle? 

Doodling is one of those natural activities that give us perspective on who we are and allows us to know ourselves one squiggly line after the other. As a Doodle comes to life, we feel competent and confident. As we work out the pattern, as we navigate the lines, circles, and waves, and begin to gain a sense of understanding about how much love, care and attention Doodles require. This natural recognition is then applied elsewhere. 

What is it about these wavy lines and circles that support and guide us as they navigate their way into being? 

The lines of self are woven into the design of the Doodle. As our Doodle comes to life, our self-knowledge increases and our self-confidence deepens. The paths we take in our Doodle seem random until at the end when they come together in a fun, interesting, or beautiful design that is not only familiar and comfortable, it is new. 

New in the sense that the Doodle itself is new. While we are present for each and every line stroke, each and every colored-in segment, it is the completed composition that we did not foresee, that we did not know existed until it did. 

What does it take to create a Doodle?

Even though there is an element of self-discipline required to create Doodles, the activity is one that puts us at ease with ourselves. Prepared to draw with felt markers of varying sized tips, or even just one marker, some artists, such as Matilda, "start out with a squiggle and then fill in the areas." 

Doodle Art
"It always turns out different than expected and I don't plan ahead." 

The Benefit of Doodling

The energy that goes into making a Doodle gives a child a sense of self-belief. Self-belief is fueled when the final composition is completed, but it is something that builds along the way. Children feel genuinely capable because they know in detail what it was they did right (which means they can do it again), because they have acknowledged the mistakes they feel they have made in one Doodle and now know how to avoid them (which means failures have been faced, not ignored), and because they feel certain that their Doodles are sure to please, they are ready to move onto the next Doodle, with a healthy mix of confidence and curiosity.

Doodling is not only an activity that allows us to know ourselves better, but it is also a relaxer, an activity through which extra energy can be channeled. Doodling appeals to both boys and girls (and adult boys and girls, too). There are no negative side-effects with Doodling. Parents, of course, want their children to grow up with good self-esteem. However, the foundation self-esteem does not develop without self-knowledge, sound relationships, and, of course, determination and perseverance.

Doodling encourages children to notice how details come together, which allows them to also notice other people's efforts. A child's awareness of the efforts of others often times leads them to comment favorably rather than be dulled by the noise of the world. When a child has had the experience of creating their own designs, they inherently recognize more possibilities.

Doodling a fun, healthy activity that children (of all ages) can enjoy. 

Amazing Doodles!!!

MUCHOS THANKS to Creative Blog for highlighting these Doodle Artists. 
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