Friday, June 6, 2014

A Copic History of Art

I recently began creating Copic Art History Flashcards for my daughter. I thought these quick little references would be a fun way to skim through the pages of art history. Each "Doodle" took me around 30 minutes to create.

The markers we utilize are called Copic Markers. I am familiar with a number of professional markers, but these are my favorite because they are numbered and labeled utilizing an intelligent system. For a colorblind artist such as myself, this is extremely helpful when choosing markers. 

Fortunately my daughter did not inherit my colorblindness, but nevertheless enjoys having the colors inked out on the Art History Flashcards, which make for a quick color reference. No longer does she have to continually open and test out the markers, wasting time and ink in search of the "right" color. 

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