Monday, September 24, 2012


Creative blogging or blogography is writing that the writer claims comes directly from the subconscious (and/or external and/or spiritual sources without conscious awareness of the content). In effect, this style of writing is like saying whatever pops into your mind, only you're writing it down for posterity so that the entire world may know how dark or twisted is your thinking.

While exploring Paris, I came across an old bookseller who had a copy of Hippolyte Aldolphe Taine's De l'intelligence, published in 1878. One particular passage struck me: "the coexistence, at  the same time instant and in the same individual, of two thoughts [pensées], two wills, two distinctive actions - the one consious, the other unconscious and attributed to some invisible existence (Taine 1870).

So, what about automatic pictography? Can I post whatever pictures randomly hit my brain to upload and consider the act of the same category?

In all reality, that was a rhetorical question that crossed my mind. In reality, I just wanted to share some random pictures that make me laugh.


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