Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Wizard of Oz-sum, Part I

Ding dong....the witch is WHAT?
 Brought to you in...
Where Dorothy clicked her heels
and carried away with a blow gun
She was such a great actress 
that she brought the house down

The Wizard of Ooze spilled goodness in Munchkin Land 

and Dorothy slipped on the yellow slick road

 Fortunately, the Lollipop Guild was there to help her up 
and guide her down the Yellow Lick Road
The Munchkins were also well-versed 
In Yellow Brick Code

And gave her a grand house-warning

to cordially GET OUT of Munchkin Land and leave for Emerald City
To the land of the Oztronauts

So, Dorothy and her little dog, Totortilla
headed toward the Cowardly Line,
Toto chasing the Emerald Kitty

In search of the first residents of Oz
The Oztecs

Who could send her home be continued

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