Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ball of Rubber Bands

In terms of the big picture
This image pretty much sums it up...

We used to think of the universe as a machine composed of elementary building blocks, but we have discovered the material world is a network of inseparable patterns of relationships; that all interactions between particles in the universe convey energy as well as transmit information. Particles collide AND compute their own dynamical evolution. As the process continues, stuff expands as well as contracts. 

Most of the big-brained people who do or have investigated particle physics are attempting world domination. Yep. And for their efforts, they win Nobel Prizes and someone carves a bust of them and places it in a museum with the marble busts of other smart people. 

I always wanted to win a Nobel Prize, I just didn't know what for. I'd love for it to be in quantum theory, but then again, I'd have to spend the time to write up my thoughts on the matter.  

What I do like to do is spend my time thinking about funny stuff. It doesn't matter if I'm contemplating the second law of thermodynamics or Schrodinger's kitty cat experiment, asking myself what's funny opens up new ways of being and seeing in the world. It brings in fresh thoughts. Which I suppose on a quantum level is that flow of new energie that pours in when you expand in a new direction.

Irrespective of what we discover about the material or quantum universe during my lifetime, I'd much rather spend my time giggling or allowing my finite brain to be mystified by infinity than confident in anything I could ever learn, believe, or know.  

The cool thing about the quantum universe is that life takes on a new vision. Any strand or particle is worth investigating and when you explore deeper, you're in it - knee deep. Since I have not published a book on the matter that you could have downloaded online or picked up on the clearance rack at Borders, this blog is just another representation of a tiny strand of thought that looks like a particle from a distance. 

Reading my thoughts would be impossible if the whole digital age did not exist, and it wouldn't without quantum physics.  So, whether you're like me and fascinated by quantum theory, or whether you think it's just the stuff scientists think about while waiting for the bus, it's the energetic material behind the physical skeleton of the universe, a pulsating blueprint behind everything we see, hear, feel, touch, think, believe, wonder, and hope for. 

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