Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sophy's Neuroradar Gun Special

on SALE now only $99.99

Have you ever wanted to measure the speed and velocity of your thoughts? Curious which direction and how fast your thoughts lead you? Well now, thanks to Sophy's Neuroradar Gun, you can measure the trajectory of your thoughts AND your daydreams both! 


Psychologists have observed that faster processing speed in the brain is linked to higher scores on intelligence tests. It turns out that our reaction times say a lot about us in general. Responses slow down when people suffer certain psychological disorders such as depression. More puzzling, people with sluggish reaction times are more likely to die of incidents of strokes or heart attacks. 

High speed thought processing is crucial to the way we perceive the world. Three or four times a second, our eyes dart in a new direction, allowing us only about 1/10th of a second to make sense of what we see. Conceivably, we want to make the most of that time. 


The gravitational waves that travel through matter pass through our brains at lightening speed. Unfortunately, translation of these energie strands propagate at the speed of thought. Metaphorically, that means we must contrast the brilliance of gravitational-wave theory against the frustratingly slow progression of human thought as a whole to party on dude! 

With Sophy's Neuroradar Gun, your thought speed is easily accessible and digitally recorded. By recording the speed of your thoughts on any subject, you can then analyze what is slowing you down, remove the impediment, and unleash your thoughts on the subject again! 

...and the thought ran away with the toon

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