Saturday, August 13, 2011

Comedians Wanted...

I want to interview YOU! 

I would like to interview comedians from around the world or even across the street, assuming there is a homeless comedian who takes up camp at the park, to better understand how you make people laugh. 

We've all got problems, right? Just last night, my kids and I stopped into a burger joint for lobster and ended up waiting 30 minutes without service. I could have gotten angry, I could have let the serving staff know I was angry, which might have resulted in foreign substances finding their way into our hamburgers, or I could have simply left a funny message and posted it here, in my blog, and on my Facebook wall for my friends to see. 

Humor serves as a funny reminder that struggles and problems may not go away, but we do have a choice in how we feel about those struggles and problems. 

Humor can be an innovative solution
once you can find a problem to go with it. 

Comedians find brilliantly funny solutions to life's problems. Combining humor + problems is a little like combining Star Wars + Dallas...

My short-term goal is to learn everything I can about humor from comedians. From those brave souls who venture into a smoke-filled rooms, corporate retreats, dinners with schmucks, and ladies luncheons prepared to knock 'em dead with their sarcasm, wit, and hilarious observations on life, love, and everything in between. 

My long-term goal is to invent a time machine so I can come back to this post and polish it up. Actually, I'm quite serious about the time machine. In fact, if you'll let me interview you, I'll invite you along once I'm done building the thing. I'll even pay you, when we get back.

By naming this post, "Comedians Wanted", I'm hoping that the Google Gods will be kind and comedians will come flocking to share their brilliance with me and anyone else who reads this blog - besides, I might just end up being famous someday and would make a good contact, someone about which you can say, "I knew her when..." 

To schedule an interview
(Yes, this is my real name) 

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