Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Laughing Diet

The time has come to toss away the shackles of the bourgeois diet ideology and forge a bold new weight-loss plan for the laugher, free from the excesses of corpulent doldrums and mass consumption of melancholia. 


Through strict adherence to THE LAUGHING DIET combined with periodic giggling, you'll roll on the floor with weight losing laughter while overthrowing the pangs of propriety. Cackle away cellulite and cholesterol and bid adieu to that oppressive muffin top by belly laughing it out of existence. 

Under the lean, muscular arm of the laughing diet revolution, you will gain membership to Sophy's Health and Fitness Cooperative, where you will participate in spontaneous sounds and movements of the face and body that are the instinctive expressions of lively amusement. You will also receive a copy of the Laugh Your Way Through Dinner Cookbook filled with amusing jokes sure to keep you in stitches, a proven weight loss method that results in howling laughter rather than the massive consumption of rich foods. 

Rise up against rich foods, depose the oppressor fat cells, and jettison the extra weight that accompanies unhappiness, melancholia, and low spirits. Gloom and depression are the opiates of the massive. Dump that seasonal affective disorder and live, love, laugh your way to a healthier you! 

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