Monday, October 24, 2011


7 hours ... Sleeping in bed
30 mins ... Wondering how morning came so fast
30 mins... Purposely relaxing, trying not to fall back asleep
1 hour 30 mins... Eating, listening to other people talking
45 mins... Playing with my dog
6 hours... Tutoring geniuses
3 hours... Answering emails
1 hour...Tweeting & responding to Facebook messages
45 mins... Rollerblading 
45 mins... Imagining funny things, writing them down
20 mins... Wondering what to do about the ticket for talking on the phone and the subsequent letter I received telling me that I missed my court date and something about a fine? 
10 mins... Stressing over the ticket and letter
10 mins... Convincing myself that I can deal with the ticket and letter tomorrow
20 mins... Wondering what to eat for dinner
5 mins... Making dinner
45 mins... Buying joke books at the used book store
5 mins... Complaining about the amount of dust at the used book store
30 min... Laughing about a funny incident at the book store
(right now) Laughing again about a funny incident at the book store
(I'm too tired to count up all those minutes, if I went over, subtract time from emailing, as I think I might have gotten sidetracked by my new mechanical pencil while doing my work)
(If I didn't count enough minutes, add whatever's left to the amount of time it took to write this statement) 

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