Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Love Emergence

Love Emergence is a one-time non-ordinary event. Love emergence is a developmental concern. The spontaneous opening of the love experience in contemporary westerners signifies a special, "fast" track in overall love-span development. Spontaneous love experiences are both the manifestation of, and catalysts to individuation/ego-development. They serve to open the sense of shared identity, are beyond the ego, change the emotional structure and ethical position of the person, change the attitude toward others etc.

Examination of the self-development of consciousness as it is reflected in live accounts of adults after loving experiences with the gestalt of pure consciousness stand out in their awareness of the interior of their consciousness, and in the awareness of their own development. It is as if their whole being gets "illuminated by love" by the sudden opening of blazing pure consciousness, and its deepest content, including dynamic processes related to development, and become available to awareness and pre-reflective and reflective verbalization.

Phenomenological analysis would potentially classify these experiences as catalytically connected to ego-development given their subsequent processes, such as birth of the new archetypal and meaningful concepts, structure-building, and archetypal transformation. The psyche reformulates itself from the primordial chaos to the order of love, and acquires a "flexibility", "liquidity", and "drive towards integrity of the self and others", which makes it into a field of conscious expression. The phenomenon of wholeness of the self in relation to another could be looked upon as a result of a specific psyche, charmingly identified as a type of Platonic restoration.

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