Thursday, November 20, 2014

Culinary Renaissance

Compliments to the Chef

Foods and their tastes represent and express significance in distinctive "holiday" fashion come fall. Each family has tales of food and their meanings, be them whimsical or profound by considering candy canes, honey hams, turkeys, pickled fish, or Grandma's famous pudding. 

Holiday rituals make food part of our so-called sacred offering, part of the experience associated with a given holiday. The array of foods shared during this season blend childhood, nourishment, and soothing calm into each delicious bite.

Culinary Renaissance

There is a culinary renaissance sweeping the western world. With tastes and techniques from so many countries blending society from across the dinner table, people are more eager than ever to seek out new tastes and incorporate them into their lives.

Once an individual is introduced to a new taste, flavor, or sensation, his or her curiosity follows; the floodgates open and the preference for new tastes drives the individual toward informing their desires with new food choices.

Food serves as an important and palpable aspect of cultural value transmitted across the globe. The simple act of eating another's food is a symbol of accepting their offering, signifying trust.

Whether we are giving or receiving the gift of food, something as simple as a shared meal has the power to connect the world in a way that individual people can incorporate the cultural heritage from other regions as part of their own.

Recall... there was a time on the Earth when we were one heritage, when all the continents of the world were connected. In reality, reconnecting at the dinner table with our global neighbors honors our shared global heritage. Since food is one of the most delicious ways by which we can connect with our global family this holiday season...

Bon appétit!

Smaaklike ete!
T'bëftë mirë!
E Güeter!
Bil hana!
On egin!
Su tripti!
Da vi e vkusno!
Que vagi de gust!
Buen prubechu!
Sihk faahn!
Mang-mang sik!
Bon appetitu!
Dobar tek!
Dobrou chut'!
Jätku leiba!
Da kana!
Hyvää ruokahalua!
Bo proveito!
Guten Appetit!
Kalí óreksi!
E 'ai käua!
Kripyä bhojan shuru kijīyai!
Jó étváyat!
Selamat makan!
Bon appetito!
Buon appetito!
Jal meokkesseumnida!
ylSop! (Klingon)
Bonum appetitionem!
Labu apetīti!
Gudden Appetit!
Mazotoa homana!
Selamat menjamu selera!
Saihan hoollooroi!
Xitlacua cualli!
Vær så god!
Noosje jan!
Bom apetite!
Prijatnovo appetita!
lth gu leòir!
Dobrú chut'!
Dober tek!
Ha kuu macaanaato!
Buen provecho!
Furahieni chakula chenu!
Smaklig måltid!
En Guete!
Tayo'y magsikain!
Tamaa maitai!
Magizhnthu unnungal!
Afiyet olsun!
Mwynhewch eich bwyd!
Es gezunterheyt!
Ku méejtech uutsil!
Thokoleza ukudla!

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