Monday, June 13, 2011

Homeland Security and Humor

Homeland security has evolved into one of the most stressful industries today. 
The recent full-body scanning devices have caused tremendous tension and uproar, but a little humor can make this process go a bit smoother. Simply post a sign at the airport entrance, which reads:  
With the Western world's intense focus on homeland security, other agencies can get in on the fun. For one, the National Hurricane Center could stop naming hurricanes after powerful Latin American drug lords and start naming them after terrorists. "Hurricane Sokam-Al-Sunami" has a nice ring to it.

Here's a funny little skit from the folks at Saturday Night Live on suspected terrorists: 
(warning this video contains explicitly implied language) 

The Security Agency and Verizon Wireless could also get together and offer customers new calling plans - The 'NSA Friends and Family' plan. "For what it costs to buy a cup of coffee, you too can have the NSA listen in on all your personal conversations," while Customer Service, when calling during dinner time, can ask if you're happy with your long distance surveillance services.

Security isn't restricted to adults. "Now, even kids can learn all they need to know about terrorism preparedness with Reader Rabbit's: Akmed's Summer Reading List." 

We encourage you to indoctrinate your children early.

In fact, the whole family can get in on the fun. The Hamas Summer Camp is a great alternative to a traditional sports or music camp this summer.  

"At Camp Hamas, your kids will be indoctrinated with the necessary mindset to carry out more advanced training when they return to school in the fall. From sling shots to pipe bombs, our jihadist counselors will ensure your child is ready to undermine the infidel's elementary school bus stop security team." 

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