Saturday, March 9, 2013

Facebook Funnies

I am continually fascinated by the variety of perspectives that my Facebook friends and followers bring to the humorous material I post on my wall. From comics to oneliners, Stick Figure doodles and random tidbits of information aimed at tickling the funny bones of a general audience, I see which concepts make people laugh, which arouse impassioned or animated discussions, and which stimulate deeper conversations. 

Humor serves as a pleasant way to open the door to a wide variety of discussions. But you have to be careful which jokes you share, at which times, and with which audience. Given the personal separation I like to maintain between myself and an online public or social networking site, I often times find myself leaning toward a much more conservative brand of humor, avoiding much of what I find under the category of "Funny" on the Internet.

It is difficult to share jokes and humorous stories without weaving a piece of yourself into the mix. As with any subject, our expressions are a direct reflection of who we are at any given time. Despite the fact that these perceptions are subject to change, which is a welcomed natural phenomena upon which I rely for my own growth and progress , they do serve as a barometer of what most people, myself included, consider "funny". 

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