Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Funny Thing About Stones

It's funny how much one can learn about oneself and others simply by sitting along side a stream and contemplating the nature of stones...


There are rare moments when one comes across one of those decorative pebbles, like the ones placed in your garden. They add a beautiful accent, but require a worthy landscape to be truly appreciated. 

Then there's those rolling stones... the ones that are always on the move. As much as you'd like to go panning for them and add them to your collection, they somehow slip right through the mesh and float away...

There are those magnificent boulders, those rare ones you see while out hiking a mountain in the Swiss Alps. They are incredible pieces of art to be admired, but impossible to carry back home. 

There are those wonderful stones that have been nurtured by the earth... only when these stones are excavated, cut and polished can you see their astonishing glory. They are amazing to behold.

And, finally... there's the stone that has been conceived of almost since the beginning of time. Tremendous forces have shaped it. This stone has amazing character, shows subtle elegance and can compliment any occasion, big or small. 

Questions are the stepping stones to great thoughts...

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