Monday, March 24, 2014

How to tell if you're an animated drawing

It is a rare but not unheard-of phenomenon that an animated drawing remains unaware of the fact that they are not human. 

The Paper Check

If you suspect that you might be an animated drawing, pull out your sword and slice through the air in a swooping manner. If the paper rips and folds downward, taking you with it, this is a sign that you are not human. At this point, your best hope is that your human notices and tapes the paper back together again.

The Compliments Check

Listen for the sorts of statements people make in your presence, such as "Wow! What a great drawing!" or "(He or) She looks so lifelike." This is an indication that they are talking about YOU, and that you are a drawing. If you can move, you are an animated drawing. 

The Interaction Check

Note whether individuals respond when you speak directly to them. If you are jumping up and down and shouting and no one notices, you are probably an animated drawing. Of course, you could be a highly annoying human that others have simply blocked out. If you are uncertain, perform the other tests here in this handy HOW TO TELL IF YOU'RE AN ANIMATED DRAWING Guide. 

Consult an Expert

Find someone who is skilled in the study of objects of art, such as an art historian or connoisseur, and ask them whether you are an animated drawing. If they do not reply ("interaction check"), things are not looking good for you, presuming you wish to be a human. On the other hand, if you are happy being an animated drawing, this is a moot point. 

Judge Your Ability To Physically Affect the World Around You

If you are a spinning dancer that confuses people as to which direction you are spinning; if you appear larger to people but in reality are the same size as the individual behind you (who happens to look just like you); if the lines in your environment are crossed and at angles, which makes others queasy in your presence; or, if your appearance looks like a negative photo illusion and there is a blank white box next to you ... you might be an animated drawing. In this case, you are most likely a specific type of drawing known as an optical illusion. Here, it might seem as if you are affecting the world around you (the brains of the viewers), but in reality, it is not you who is affecting viewers, it is their brains responding to your lines or form. 

You may be able to spin, to lift and hold certain objects, but these may be drawn objects that only you can see. Try performing an action with the object, such as throwing an apple at the person in front of you. If they catch it, you are not an animated drawing. If they don't notice, then you are most likely an animated drawing. 

The Fork Test

Poke yourself in the palm of your hand (assuming one has been drawn for you) with a fork, the point of a pencil, or other sharp object. If it hurts, you are human. If it does not, you are an animated drawing. 

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