Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Print this Page: I'm a Stick Figure

(Print this page and remove it from this blog entirely. The post published right before this one honestly conveys my genuine feelings on the subject of good towels, so I felt that it was relevant and responsible to include it, but now, anything else that I write, in comparison to that fine piece of literary accomplishment, is really just banal nonsense. The blog is fine without it. Print out anything that follows and dispose of it. Shred it. Stuff it in a rocket and shoot it off in your local park. Flush it ... wait, no, don't do that. Flushing large objects down commodes only plugs them up. Just get rid of anything that follows the Towel post. You'll be doing us all a favor.)

In the meantime, here is an entry from one of my Stick Figures...

I'm a Stick Figure
I have a heart for a heart
I'm super skinny, 
BUT super Strong!
I'm getting 
I'm getting
I don't understand why 
she can't just draw more of us,
I mean, how many people have to tell her to
But she won't listen.
She thinks drawing HEADS is more
That's what you get
when you trust your EXISTENCE
to an ARTIST!

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