Monday, May 19, 2014

A Nifty Towel

User Friendly (2014)
Bo Erik Hollsten
Private Collection

You know what I think is just so cool? 
The idea of having a really good towel.
Especially one that actually dries your skin 
instead of just pushing water molecules around. 


Finding a good towel requires care and patience.
Just look at this towel.
It is one of those relatively attractive towels,
it has a circle motif, and linear undulations,
great for trapping water molecules.

I'm happy about this towel.
And I'm even happier after using it.
I mean, think about the last time you dried off with your towel.
Did it leave you feeling warm and fuzzy,
sans lint!
Did it leave your skin baby soft?
Were you able to hang it up and use it a second time,
saving the universe from harmful chemicals in laundry detergent?

I sure hope so.
Besides, we should all do our best to conserve the environment.
Not just for future generations,
we don't know them,
but for ourselves.

I mean, who wants to walk around a dirty planet?
Certainly not someone who has a great towel,
like I do.


I'm really looking forward to my next shower,
to my next interaction with this towel,
which has become like a dear friend.

And, besides,
what else is one to do after taking a shower?
I mean, what if no one had invented the towel?
What then?

I'll tell you what then.
We'd be jumping around trying to get dry!
Or dripping dry...
Or doing our hair whilst our bodies dried...

Think about that for a moment.
Imagine sliding your wet feet into perfectly dry socks!

All I can say is that this is one nifty towel.


I tell you.

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