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How Much Is Your Brain Worth, Part 4

How Much Is Your Brain Worth, 

Valuation of an Intuitive Mind

Mind or Mentance Valuation models can be used to value intangible assets such as for characteristic valuations, but also for attributes, qualities, elements, aspects, and distinctions. Since few encounters that benchmark intangible assets can ever be observed in the mind of another, one often assess values on these mental attributes or characteristics using either a present mind value model or by estimating the costs to recreate the mind's efficacy. Regardless of the method, the process is time-consuming and arduous.

Valuations of intangible intellectual assets are often necessary for professional or personal relationships as well as for scholarly analysis of any given intellectual occurrence wherever it may arise.

İlhan Koman at work on his best know work in Turkey, Mediterranean (1978–80)

A beautiful, intuitive, coherently pulsating display of energie.
Fully enjoyed this artistic achievement.

Society indirectly gives an estimate of an individual's intangible worth in accordance with agreed-upon milestones or success indicators in a wide array of activities or artistic creations; however, the difference between perceived value and actual value of a mind can differ.

With respect to offering an assessment of intangible assets once might consider the difference between what a mind has produced and what it can reproduce.

The discoveries or realizations made by a mind operating at this level of efficiency are not as much an end to the epiphanies corresponding with overcoming suffering of the mind but rather the beginning of an entirely different level of mental operandi that is more energized and conscious of its prior ignorance as a starting point for processing the experiences that lie beyond the most recent state of awareness.




Josh Wade, TWF

Relating intuition of mind to the same intellectual force held and expressed from within the physical body we can look to the differences between endurance and performance; endurance being that smooth and controlled release-like movement whereby the body operates consistently and coherently in a constant state of tension or motion; performance being that spike or surge in force or intensity whereby the body engages at a higher level resulting in an acceleration which flows through the body allowing it to operate at an entirely different, higher level of performance. 

Josh Wade exhibits an example of intuitive intelligence in the body as he shares his intuitive approach to body building with his clients. By respecting the natural curvature of the spine, by evaluating the individual's present physical condition and the amount of effort and determination they bring to a task, he can tap into his own intuition to help them meet their physical transformation goals. 

Curvature of Space-Time
Einstein proposed that mass and energy distort the shape of space-time so that falling objects (i.e., resistance) are simply rolling into depressions and orbiting bodies are simply rolling around in the depression. The objects are not undergoing forced motion; they simply follow the lay of the land. This leads to the bending of starlight, orbital motion, and to other lesser-known, more extreme distortions.

What I, as a long-time distance runner, describe as "endurance", Josh Wade describes as "Type 1, Slow-Twitch movements"; what I describe as "performance", Wade describes "Type 2, or Fast-Twitch, explosive responses" whereby one digs deeper to push harder, reaching this higher state in physical form. It is here where growth is magnified and physical intuitiveness is multiplied. Josh's approach confirms an inherent intelligence or natural force that is present in varying forms and manifesting in mental, physical, and/or artistic-like expressions of it.

Гений искусства (Genius of Art), 1820

Karl Bryullov
Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

Rapid acceleration, strength and growth (physical) or epiphanies and insights (intellectual) are compounded in this intuitive state otherwise known as the force of intelligence or mind's ability to function in an intuitive state. 

Think (Moore's Law) x (n-1).

Measuring the value of intuition is akin to defining the meaning of life. The landmarks exist in new territories, development quickly evolves into ever more efficient and complex levels of experience and encounters of newly perceived realizations entice and ignite intuition, resulting in sudden flashes that are later holistically processed.


As the mind or rather raw intelligence (wherever it may reside) accesses properties of perception of a higher magnitude and for an extended time in that state, it begins to realize that it is not yet organized on that level.

Thus, prior epiphanies gleaned during the suffering stage can be drawn from for strength of mind and as a storehouse of images from which to make sense of the new sensations the mind perceives in this higher functioning state. Our center does not operate from that state.

An analogy of this state could be made by thinking of a child. A baby babbles, but does not yet comprehend what he is saying. A child loves, but does not yet understand the intricacies of relationships. In this sense, intuition resides in the realm of the unconscious - it filters down, but we do not normally operate from this place. Whether or not it is possible to do so for extended times without damage to the host material, I cannot say, as I do not operate in this space except for in short bursts, but it is interesting to think about.

Valuing intuition is complex and requires one to be comfortable in the space of new realizations. It requires of the evaluator to make a shift in perception, a transformation of sorts that distributes a higher knowing throughout the lower levels of the mind and/or body so that the entire entity is operating in the highest frequency available for each level of experience it has within itself.

It is here that the mind guides the brain and body to base reactions off of principles rather than by feelings, to devise a strategy rather than repeat impulsive behavior, to create within ourselves rather than merely discover.

The force of intuition is dynamic and expansive. It is the energie stored in matter, full of potential for transformation into heat, light, and activity. This same energie when redistributed through the other levels of the mind or body is systematic and calm, much like how a body builder lowers a weight with precision and control. This force organizes, orders, and governs the flesh and our emotions.

Ironically, without energie coming from the core or our source mind or body, there is nothing to organize, nothing to govern. Without energie coming from this peak of performance, the core energie turns toward chaos and dissipates into nothingness ~ atrophy.

Intuition is not merely a state of understanding, but a state of being. Intuition is not a particle or a thing, it is an experience that shapes other experiences. Operating in the intuitive zone is more than having a flashlight for what comes ahead; it is akin to illumination, to having wisdom, clarify, and purpose in what we perceive and communicate to others.

(RANDOM FACTOID: What takes 4 weeks to communicate via email, 
takes 2 hours to communicate in person]

Given that intuition is harmonious with all levels of mental and physical existence, its presence alone is sufficient to increase the vibration and frequency of differing states to the point whereby a connection is made and communication is less of an effort. With the understanding intuited in higher states of consciousness, we not only see ourselves but we see our relative configuration, position, and accompanying data in conjunction with others, our interactions, and our environment. It is both an archetypal and literal level.

When we value intuition in the mind we heighten our understanding toward the simultaneous needs of others. Understanding allows an intuitive mind to see beyond one's own needs in situations and in relationships with others. We are able to bring the objective witness to observe our struggles in regulating and modulating ourselves in harmony as we constantly move onto new thoughts, visions, emotions, and sensations. This intelligence or force works through all core material in a way that feels calming, natural, and stable.

Developing our intuition not only brings consciousness to our experience, but also activity, and directed transformation. With vision, inspiration, communication, and the sentiments associated with a higher knowing or appreciation for existence in and of itself, we can energize our strategies and direct them with clear intent.

Finally, intuition allows us to manifest our core mind to perform what seems like miraculous feats of strength. Conception, vision, inspiration, compassion, transformation, and connection enter into our physical reality and people transform themselves into ardent life participants. Intuition brings the body to life, it is where passion resides, and it gives consciousness a place to exist.

The rest is just details.

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