Tuesday, September 24, 2013

On the subject of Hipness

Hipness from the Old English hēope, hīope; related to Dutch joop and German Hiefe refers to a type of wild aspect of something, historically speaking, the fruit of a rose. In ordinary parlance, "hip" refers to someone who follows the latest fashion, esp. in popular music and clothes, or someone who is understanding and aware: that person is really trying to show how hip they are in their understanding. 

While the term "hipster" is now associated with a person who follows the latest trends and fashions without regard for personal tastes, being "hip" historically is not about relinquishing one's sense of style or taste in favor of pleasing others, but rather knowing oneself well enough that one is hip when it comes to relating to others. 

In the context of creating one's own "hipness" (photo caption above), hipness is about being comfortable with one self and confidently (not arrogantly) having fun with it!

When we can have fun with ourselves, we are more fun to be around when others are present. This relaxed, enthusiastic nature encourages others to feel and act in the same manner. 

Could someone make fun of my picture?  Tell me that I'm not "hip" or that being "hip" is akin to being a "hipster" and thus, lame? Absolutely! Would they be correct? Perhaps. But would they be right in degrading one person's willingness to put themselves out there simply to make a point from which many others might benefit? I suppose it all boils down to how you see yourself and others; hence, the purpose of this post. 

My methods of discourse might be a bit idiosyncratic when it comes to practicing philosophy, but in all my joking, in all my ridiculousness, and in all my sincerity, there is one common thread: I know that I do not know and in this I am willing to experiment, to question ... and while doing so still be able to find happiness in my own existence irrespective the outcome. I do not need to know from whence I came (or where I'm headed) in order to be happy that I am here. 

For me, anything and everything we could possibly ever hope to know is just details upon details upon details... turtles all the way down, if you will. 

In this respect, there really is a kind of coolness or hipness if you will that comes from being okay with all that... at least, I think so! 

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Excellent article Soph!