Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Transmutation of Energie IV

Despite the troubles one can experience when interacting with individuals who have low energie levels or misshapen energetic configurations, rapid progress for our species could be made by our inventing a way to fulfill the energetic needs of individuals. I like to call that device an energie accelerator, a device that would strike the edge of a person's energetic field and push it forward so that it spins faster.

          By inventing some sort of energie accelerator, we could minimize the less than harmonious interactions people have with one another, while helping people balance out their energie in a way that would help them generate new patterns from inside themselves.

This increase in energie would result in a more collaborative effort on the part of millions of Earth’s citizens. Instead of focusing on less than ideal energetic interactions, people would instead focus on combining their energies in a collaborative effort. This collaboration could result in the discovery of new ways to eradicate disease and heal the environment, as well as explore new ways of adjusting our energetic configuration so that rather than physical death we replace transitioning particles as they continue moving (spinning) along the strands of energie.

If one particle can move into the space of a particle that has transitioned, there is no reason a human being could not will new particles into its place. In this sense, we would not need to drastically change our material configuration, it could be done as a matter of self-healing over an extended a period of time.

            The challenge is that people must “buy into” the idea that we are made up of particles whose existence is held in varying states along numerous long strands of energie that, in order to maintain continuance, must be renewed (sort of makes sense when you think about it) by converging with neighboring particles. Of course, if we had the right instrumentation no one would have to "buy into" anything.

            While particles do seem to have an element of autonomy (the capacity of every particle to follow laws of their own determination, to create their own identity, without borrowing external authority), the reality is that all particles are both that I am as others experience them to be and that I am that is independent of the energetic configuration, state, spin, and frequency the particle occupies and by which we would understand and rank them.

            It is in this sense that we must ultimately work together if we are to overcome energetic reconstitution for ourselves while simultaneously healing our environment. The particles that make up our world are far more numerous than those that make up humankind so there's plenty of material with which to work. I believe the more people who consciously resonate in harmony with themselves or at least begin experimenting with the possibility of reaching this harmonious state, the more easily it will be to correct the internal and external effects associated with existing in a less than harmonious state. 

          Once we accomplish this, humanity can avoid the majority of the conflicts they experience so that they might instead busy themselves with exploring new horizons in which we collectively devise ways to converge with one another, allowing for greater expansion of our particles. Whether this would also result in a rejuvenation of our present celestial solar system is not known, but it is a funny thought. 

Stay tuned for more funny thoughts on "energie" ... 

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