Monday, September 26, 2011

How To Survive Amnesia

Amnesia is a condition in which one's memory is lost. There are number of causes, such as being totally mental, seeing or hearing something that totally messed with your mind, or just plain old freaking about something that really stresses you out. 

Don't let this happen to you! 


Today, we do not write down phone numbers and addresses in books, which, in my day, we used to call our 'Phone Number and Address Book'. We often forget to write down all our online websites and corresponding passwords. We pay our bills on line, but do not have our banking password written down in case of identity theft. So, what's a person to do? 



Print and fill out. Store in a safe place. Preferably somewhere you might find it in case of a real emergency, such as the one described above (in case you have already forgotten - amnesia)

FILL THIS OUT TODAY...Just in case! 

My name____________________

My cell phone number____________________

My cell phone password____________________

Place where I keep my car keys____________________
(include map)  

All of my computer passwords____________________

My favorite web browser____________________

My Facebook account & password____________________

My Twitter account & password____________________

My YouTube account & password____________________

My Gmail account & password____________________

My Yahoo account & password____________________

My Blogger account & password____________________

My Google+ account & password____________________

My Yelp account & password____________________ 

My WordPress account & password____________________

My Bebo account & password____________________

My Scribd account & password____________________

My BlogTV account & password____________________

My Flicker account & password____________________

My StumbleUpon account & password____________________

My Mixx account & password____________________

My credit card account number & password____________________ 
(the one that gives me the most miles)      

My online banking user name & password____________________

My ATM code____________________

My significant other's name____________________

The reason why I chose my significant other____________________

Things I should remember about my significant other_______________
(Do not include details that previously upset you unless you want to remain upset or continue complaining)

Make a list of all the things you know about yourself without asking. The things you take for granted, the things you remember to do each day, and the things you want to get done.

Take this time to craft your life and thoughts the way you'd like them should you ever suffer from amnesia. People always say they want to change their lives. This might be an opportunity to re-write your script.

The author of this blog does not recommend that you attempt any activity that may result in a head injury or amnesia in an attempt to obtain amnesia so you may rewrite your life. If you insist upon rewriting your life script, feel free to use this as a template to do so. Then, rather than knocking yourself silly, simply follow your new list to the letter. Think only what you have allowed yourself to think. Say only what you have allowed yourself to say. If you have rewritten yourself as a person who does not complain, do not list 'complaint' words or phrases on your new list. If you are a person who wishes they could exercise more, write down, "Work out: 5am"... you get the picture. 


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