Sunday, September 25, 2011

How To Read This Blog

Only you can read this blog. Well, you and anyone else who clicks on this blog, but if you are reading this blog to help you learn how to be funny by the end of the year, you should count yourself lucky and part of a team, as I, too, hope to be funny by the end of the year. 

If you were only Googling images and accidentally found your way into this blog, please view the most popular posts, as there is a likelihood that you were Googling images because you like funny things and may benefit from additional funniness. 

Of course, not everyone will be in a position to read this entire blog. For that reason, an eBook of the highlights of this blog will soon appear for .99 cents. This link will naturally appear at the top of the page for easy access. While the writer of this blog doubts that she will grow rich with the publication of said eBook, the writer does hope that by adopting the "Couch Marketing Strategy" she will be successful in getting people to actually read the eBook. 


If you set a couch out on the street with a sign announcing it is FREE, no one will take the couch. They'll figure if no one  else wants it, why should they? On the other hand, if you put a $100 sign on the same couch and walk way, it will most likely be stolen within 5 minutes flat. As such, according to the Couch Marketing Strategy, said eBook should sell like hotcakes! 

Do not underestimate the difficulty of being funny. Ask someone to tell you a joke and watch how quickly they clam up. Try to tell a joke off the top of your head, purposely try to be funny, and watch how quickly you clam up - unless, of course, you're spent years writing comedy and Googling jokes. 

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