Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Where Shall Inspiration Be Found?

When the world grows disenchanted with seeking inspiration outside itself, it turns inward - in search of wisdom, meaning, recovery, or inspiration. Those who seek inspiration usually find it. Like with counter-intuitive statistics puzzles, once someone has grown weary of that new living room set behind door number one, they begin wondering what's behind the other doors. Unlike game shows with limited doors and opportunities, there seem to be an endless number of doors one can open within oneself. 

Some doors offer wisdom and insight, some offer memories and impressions, others offer new thoughts or ideas that when followed produce new experiences, resulting in the construction of many new doors to open and explore. 

Inspiration works a little like that ... inspiration is just the process of making a deal with oneself to continue opening a bunch of doors until you actually find that which inspires. 

Novelty is what expands the brain forward, without it the brain begins opening old doors, taking leisurely strolls through one's life and thoughts. Depending upon one's mood at the time, those strolls can be igniting or they can be heavy. A common tendency is to associate the veracity of a memory with the sensations it produces. For example, if one remembers a door in a certain way and one is feeling similarly, one can open a door to a corresponding sensation-recorded memory and find all sorts of new information to fuel the sensation and indulge the mind, a cerebral feast for whatever emotion wants to be fed. 

That's not always a good thing especially if those thoughts, truthful as they are perceived, fail to produce productive output. Unless one's aim is to revisit a specific sensation, there are other more exciting doors to open. 

The door most seek is the one that offers the most happiness. Though like anything, if the brain opens this door too often it grows weary, the novelty wears off. Eventually people realize that it is not the shiny new car they seek, it is the sensation of novelty from which inspiration arises. 

Approaching new thoughts with old processing systems rarely produces new thoughts. The key to finding inspiration lies in exploring totally unrelated thoughts to see what new thoughts they produce. Those thoughts or perspectives can then be applied to training, skill, or talent, unleashing new perspectives, insights, and approaches. Once we see our world anew, we find the inspiration we seek. 

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