Thursday, January 29, 2015

Innocent Pleasures

"Firsts" are considered one of the most pleasurable moments an individual can experience. Take, for example, kissing. Though kissing might be something familiar, kissing a masked hero hanging upside down in the rain pulsates with significance. 

The vivid impressions of newness that come to mind leads our thoughts to consider previously unexplored ways of thinking about past experiences in ways that can only be suggested by the novelty of our imagination. 

Naturally, ideas stream forth from the same mind, but new images invite innovation, offering us admission to the privileged court of conscious thought, until new experiences open the door. 

When envisioning new experiences it is easy to get carried away with the streaming train of ideas, whether or not they develop. This is not to say that the thoughts themselves cannot be invaluable allies in naturally expanding our focus toward creative potential, but deny them and you'll soon discover unsuspected dimensions of possible connections and associations between things which seem entirely and utterly enticing to new thought. As unexpected ways of understanding are presented to the imagination, their peculiar combinations suggest ideas to be exploited in creative work. An individual seeking novelty and inspiration can sometimes make productive use of the different ways of sensing that imagining affords. 

Imagining is one of those innocent pleasures we do specifically for the sake of experiencing an impression that frees us from the inhibitions that impede upon our natural creativity. We need not explore the scientific support for the existence of creative inner space. The whole idea after all is that creative inner space, including those experiences known as innocent pleasures, is but a projection of the imagination. 

The creativity-enhancing effects of letting our minds wander free in the realm of new possibilities can also be explored with more focused concentration. The result allows the mind to maneuver through one's own thoughts with an imagination-induced creative inner space of unscripted associations. 

Satisfying ordinary concepts with fresh ideas remains a matter of natural talent. The composition we create like any novel, sonnet, short story or the like is the result of a complex process of back and forth mental traveling, an imagination-induced cerebral holiday. 

Connoisseurs of innocent pleasures with philosophical dispositions openly proclaim the virtues associated with experiencing sensations as though one is experiencing the sensation for the first time. Letting go of one's ordinary conscious constraints and opening the imagination to ideas that might otherwise be blocked by a censorious narrow-minded intellectual super-ego offers our overworked minds a little respite, an afternoon in the arms of time away from daily activities that can eventually dull our senses. 

Few knowledgeable persons would dispute the value of the occasional romp through our minds. The harmless fun associated with innocent pleasures rushing through our veins, pulsing and contributing to advancing our established thinking. The result? A vibrant short-lived burst of enthusiasm producing numerous later afterthoughts. The intelligibility in the aftermath of imaginative play, aside from the joy and relaxation, makes one wonder what parts of imagination are real - an enticing and indulgent thought, indeed. 

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