Sunday, September 23, 2012

Facebook Humour Study

Have Your LAUGHS Heard Around the World! 
Simply answer the following questions: 

(1) Does Time + Distance from Tragedy = FUNNY? 

(2) Do you find JOKES made about tragedies funny? 

(3) Do you enjoy laughing at others' pain and suffering? 

(4) If you lost a loved one to disease, do you LOL when a comedian makes a joke about that disease? 


(5) Do you think 9/11 Jokes are Funny? 


Tragic humor is not the same thing as TRIUMPHANT HUMOR. Triumphant Humor is humor evoked after someone has SURVIVED an illness, tragedy, or otherwise traumatic period in life. 

It is the belief of some humor researchers around the world that we can make jokes about anyone and anything as long as a period of time has passed since the tragedy. 

I do not share this belief and would like to hear from others so that I can know whether I am a majority or minority in my belief that HUMOR SHOULD MAKE US FEEL GOOD, whether we laugh or not is an entirely different subject. When humor evokes nervous laughter is causes the body to tense up; whereas natural humor is a physical release. 

Thank you for participating in this study. All comments received in this research study will be published. Your identify will remain anonymous. 

If you know someone who would like to participate in this study, please forward this post.

Sophy M. Laughing, Ph.D. 
Humor Researcher

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