Sunday, September 23, 2012

Brad Pitt Meet Flitz

Brad Pitt



In the movie, Burn After Reading, Brad Pitt plays the part of Chad Feldheimer, an employee at a local gym called Hardbodies. After a somewhat careless law firm employee accidentally drops a mysterious CD from an ex-CIA analyst's computer, what follows is the hilariously dark data trail, that had BAR been produced today, could have included Flitz's handy-dandy Looks-Like-A-Bike Tormenting Exercise Machine...

The Handy Dandy Looks-Like-A-Bike
Tormenting Exercise Machine

I can't help but think that Chad would have gotten a kick out of this totally useful piece of technology. I mean, who doesn't dream of hopping onto a bike with all the force thrust onto your shoulders, arms, and wrists only to run your way to work carrying this enormous BRIGHT YELLOW contraption on your back?

If you want a miserable workout, this is the device for you!

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