Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Tale of Easter The Bunny

This is the tale of Easter, the bunny. 

"Oh," said his little helper, Little Fox.

"What are we supposed to do now?" asked Little Fox.

"Just stand here," said Easter. 

"How long does it take to have your picture taken?" 

"Until Mama Bunny smiles." 

"Oh," said little Fox, who watched carefully for that smile. 


How do we keep the magic of Easter alive? 

How do we transition from fairy tales to new worlds where none believe in The Easter Bunny? 

We help the Easter Bunny transition ...
embark upon a new journey

and welcome in

a new sun...

Easter left Bunnyland and roamed the ancient world, back to a time when Egypt belonged to the Roman empire. He came across a community of Italian-Egyptians near Rome. Easter related to their experiences, to their difficulty adjusting to Rome, and strong desire to settle in their new host land while preserving their original identity. 

The day Easter crossed the bridge to Rome can be defined as a new Easter identity developing in the context of two initially divergent narratives: One, where Easter laments for Bunnyland, remaining forever a misfit in Rome. Two, where Easter learns new skills and transitions from one cultural environment to the new culture. Preserving his heritage in the objects of nostalgia. 

To what extent can Easter change?
To the extent the situation demands it...

and with this thought, Easter flew away...

and Mama Bunny smiled.

"She smiled," said little Fox.

"That means we're done," said Easter.

"Oh," said little Fox. "Will you be leaving now?"

"Yes," said Easter.

"Where will you be going?" Little Fox asked, in her most polite way.

"Where ever the sun is shinning," said Easter.

"And what will you do there?"

Easter thought for a moment, and then he remembered something he once heard in a story.

"When in Rome," said Easter,
"Do as the Romans do..."

Happy Easter

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I will simply ask for the Faberge egg and say no more.