Thursday, April 26, 2012

An Alien's Guide to Planet Earth Part I

My fascination with Planet Earth began 
when I was in levitational history class and encountered 
Rocky Ridge's book on 

Three Dimensional Beings. 

I remember staying up to the wee hours contemplating 
what it might have felt like to be an ancient human 
who did not perceive and directly interact 
with non-fixated dimensions. 

I began surveying interesting features of 1D and 2D worlds 
through analogies made in the upper dimensions. 

Many velocities ago, 
ancient beings believed that the volume of their universe 
was on fixed plane.

Primitive, I know. 
But what if they were more advanced than previously recognized? 

The *Earth Chronicles (E.C.) tell us that 
Ancient humans held fast to their beliefs for many cyclical events. 

The Great Portal is now open
Come visit Planet Earth prior to 

The Great Disambiguation
E.C. 2012

On Earth you'll experience 
a permanent accompaniment of music

not music in the sense of particle interaction between sound and silence

but rather a memorative reminder 
that bagpipes, singing, whistling, cowbells, and rustic sounds 
excite the particles at their most basic levels

The border between our deafeningly quiet multi-dimensional existence 

and the soft, precise rhythms of a bygone single society

reveal the contradiction between so-called modernity
and the wisdom of ancient humans. 

 It's a curious thing, 
imagining the world through the minds of those 
who romanticized linear combinations of 

up and down, 

left and right, 

in and out. 

At a time when extra dimensional travel was mere science fiction, 
humans saw the world from behind biological or manmade optical lenses. 

Seeing the world upside down was perhaps their greatest strength. 


Processing the world from the outside in
is how they conceived of the ancient cosmological myths
that have delighted us for chronicles

 Visit *E.C. 2012 
during the next inter-dimensional solar sunset or sunrise 

And visit shores of Ithaca like you've never seen them before... 

Don't forget to bring your antique particle replicator! 


Ancient humans possessed limited ability to visualize 
and interact with other dimensions, 

Yet, despite their 
over-dependence on linear thinking

Their attitude was rather novel...

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