Saturday, November 23, 2013

3 Things Vegans Like

1) Telling others you're a Vegan

There is no doubt that Vegans love telling everyone they're Vegan.

Yes, it's true that most people like to talk about what they eat as well as post pictures of their meals on Instagram for millions of other people to contemplate, but Vegans have turned food consumption upside down, forcing Toys R Us Kids and their parents to think deeper about the ingredients (and the ethics of eating) their favorite comfort foods.

2) The "coolness factor" associated with checking out at the grocery store with only Vegan-approved products (and hemp rope)

Vegans often claim that their grocery store baskets are "spiritual" in the sense that their food choices mirror their philosophies on consumerism, which they naturally and organically hold as true, namely that we, despite being able to do so, might not be entitled to consumer another being.

3) Bashing Monsato et al

One of the more popular Vegan activities is educating others on the evils of multinational corporations like Monsato. 

When it comes to products, Vegans reject logos, opting instead for naturally packaged, quick to expire if you don't eat it right away, food. 

Vegans invest thousands of hours learning how to honor their body while simultaneously subverting  corporate culture in order to return choice to the masses (and local growers). Specifically, this means posting informative or humorously deriding posts warning against consuming animal products versus the benefits of each and every naturally-growing and locally available herb, grass, fruit, or vegetable ~ and, by the way, the more exotic-sounding, the more tantalizing it would seem.


If you convert to Veganism today, you'll enjoy the following benefits: 

  1. Reduced grocery store bills
  2. Documentaries on food in your iCloud account
  3. A subscription to Farmer's Markets Monthly
  4. Organic food stickers
  5. The Joy of Vegan Cooking 
  6. Admiration from fellow Vegans
  7. Lower cholesterol 
  8. Higher awareness 
  9. A deeper understanding of the culinary arts
  10. An introduction to Moral Philosophy
  11. A lifetime supply of organic, Vegan-approved, No Gluten, No Sugar, best protein isotopes on the market (because you're going to need supplements). 
  12. And a dishwasher-safe water bottle that says: 

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