Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Trait 66, 2

In the article Trait 66 I ask Readers, 

"What is it exactly, that can drive a man to rip out his heart to quench a torture so sweet, so ravenously delicious that desire alone would eat him alive?"

Then I ask Readers, 

"What is it in turn, that captures a woman's interest, that causes her to pause, admire, and invite a man closer?"

My conclusion, 

When all of the 66 character traits are aligned (in harmony, in balance), the combination is precisely that which naturally propels humanity forward, or in the scenario above, that which drives individuals toward one another. 

What is it about the combination of these traits that ignites that je ne sais quoi inside all of us, propelling us toward that to which we are attracted? (be it a person, place, or thing)

If you imagine each person as a line segment and each trait a point along that segment, you can further imagine a convergence of the points themselves. Not every point (character trait) is developed in the human psyche, causing gaps (empty space). This empty space is where new experiences fall. (Free) radicals are attracted to these spaces as they are not yet stabilized. 

When fresh energy enters into a space within our psyche that is not yet stabilized, it sends a very loud, resounding signal, a bio-energetic message; if you will, that calls out to all neighboring particles and bio-energetic strands, signaling: "Anybody home?" 

The bio-energetic strands most prominent at that precise moment in time are the ones that respond, accounting for the variations in the human response system.

When a bio-energetic strand is not naturally developed, the result is a snowball effect which can wreak havoc on neighboring strands (otherwise healthy strands). 

One way to minimize this havoc is to develop each character trait. Once each trait is developed, it is more difficult for random energy to negatively affect it. When a characteristic is well developed, negative entering energy is neutralized. This harmonizing effect acts like a giant boulder in the path of the radical snowball, stopping free radicals (random energy) from causing untold damage. 

It is easier to create psychic boulders from within a balanced mindset, rather than from simply pushing random energy fields away from one's self. Pushing energy away from our bio-energetic mechanisms causes contradictory-like external ripples in the fabric of space. On the other side of the coin, pulling random energy into our bio-energetic mechanisms to balance it out inside ourselves wreaks havoc. The body can more easily absorb random energy when it is operating in harmony with itself. 

Some processes are inevitable, such as aging, but others (such as ignorance) can be prevented. Balancing the 66 characteristic traits minimizes the resulting unbalanced bio-energetic pollution that floats around the fabric of space until it finds empty space into which to wreak its havoc. 

Negative thoughts and behaviors play a role in damaging previously balanced character traits. Negativity also makes it more difficult to harmonize traits when they are ignited. For this reason, even low concentrations of positive thinking can reduce the damage free radical particles can wreak on our bio-energetic systems, but more studies into this fictitious hyper-trait are needed to understand this relationship. 

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