Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Breaking Up With Stress

I am breaking it off with you because you're bad for me. That makes you the "bad" kind of stress. You drive up my blood pressure, pulse, and breathing. You produce so much adrenaline that I should look like a bodybuilder from having spun my muscles around in complete circles all these years trying to decide if I should fight or flee. 

Well, no more of that! 

The next time my parasympathetic nervous system kicks in and ever so briefly suppresses my heart rate, breathing, and other internal functions, quieting me down so that I can full take in  information and focus on perceiving and evaluating, I'll take this bodily delay and allow my cortex to change gears and focus on one thing... happiness. 

Life is too short to waste in a bad relationship. Get rid of stress today!

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