Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sophy's Tantrum Yoga

Sophy's Tantrum Yoga

*Tantrum Yoga should only be practiced while in the presence of a licensed Tantrum Yoga Professional. 


The conceptual wall between bodies and information has reared its ugly head today. On an otherwise beautiful day, sans the prevailing winds, I decided to get out for some much needed N&N (Nature and Nurturing) on the bike trail. Decked out in my Rollerblades, pack, and iTouch, I approached Killer Hill with the same thoughtful determination I do every day, namely, to get down without falling. 

21 years without an accident was a pretty good record.

Why did I go out on such a windy today? I guess I've lost touch with physical reality. I admit, I have been reading a number of science fiction books whereby bodies continually graft themselves into carbon-nano structures allowing for a seamless transfer of consciousness into a bio-friendly mechanisms.  In my mind, I was already invincible. 


I have decided to rebalance my physical body with my genetic engineering dreams by returning to my purposeful Tantrum Yoga Course, holding my breath until someone makes me laugh. 

Simply take a deep breath, now hold it. 
Let go of your breath the moment someone makes you laugh. 


Do not try Tantrum Yoga alone. 
Do not try Tantrum Yoga with boring people. 
Do not hold your breath until apnea occurs. 
Do not try Tantrum Yoga without a licensed Tantrum Yoga Practitioner present. 

Have fun! 

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