Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Younger Sibling's Defense Against Headlocks

The Headlock

The headlock is a poor technique for anything more than annoying younger siblings. It is, however, a very common technique used by older siblings in getting their way; therefore, knowing how to escape from it is important for younger siblings everywhere. 

Whole Body Moves

Step 1: The younger sibling's first step in escaping from an older sibling's headlock is to ensure that your arm is not captured. With a short jerky motion, your older sibling can pull in their elbow and turn on their side, giving him or her total dominion and control over your life. 

Step 2: If able, turn the tables, try to form a frame under your older brother or sister's chin. Your top arm should be under his or her jawbone, and your top hand should rest comfortably in the grasp of the other hand. 

Step 3: By pushing with your top leg, you should be able to move your hips back away from your older sibling. 

Step 4: If your older sibling does get you in a headlock, rotate around until he or she is on both of their knees behind your back. 

Step 5: Use your top hand to clear your older sister's legs out of the way and step over, brining your foot in tight against their hip. Establish your base by putting both hands on the ground. 

Step 6: The younger sibling can now force the older brother (or sister) to release his/her grip on their neck by forming the frame and leaning toward their older brother or sister's head, driving the bone of their upper arm under the older brother or sister's jawbone. 

Emergency Release

When all else fails, 
hug it out. 

Step 1: If your sibling is truly driving you crazy, the best way to get rid of them is to hug them. Hugs from siblings are a sure fire method to get your sibling to want to wriggle out of there as fast as possible and leave the room. 

Step 2: Now that your sibling has repelled themselves from your presence, it is time to change the password on your phone, install a lock on your bedroom door, and take all necessary precautions to ensure that they do not get into your stuff again.  

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