Sunday, October 12, 2014

Enjoymatation: Mastering the meditative art of enjoyment

When we enjoy, take delight or pleasure in an activity, we use a process very much like the one used in meditation. Meditation improves our focus and concentration.

Reaching elevated sensations associated with amplified enjoyment only requires an ability to calm the spirit and control the mind and keep it pointed toward heartfelt joy and happiness.

Clair-voyance is French for clear seeing. Seeing clearly what we enjoy helps us see opportunities to create moments that combine day dreams with waking reality.

Clear seeing requires no special talent other than the willingness to creatively manifest pleasure. In doing so, felicity follows. Our intuition helps make sense of what we see so we can engage from our most trusted understanding of self: that which makes us feel good inside.

To have a vision of happiness is to carry within us a source of inspiration and power. Like a guiding light, it illuminates a path as it travels through and then out of us toward those moments that give meaning and purpose to our lives. 

A vision of happiness creates strong attractors that shape the myriad of energies flowing around us into definable patterns that we invite, cultivate, and celebrate. 

Enjoymatation is a ritual of happiness purification and listening to oneself and others, an open but focused appreciation for the moments we co-create together. Enjoymatation involves a williness to humble oneself, embrace personal intuitions, and undo the connection to thoughts and energies that oppose our natural love of pleasure. 

As a solo rite, it is a deep embracing of Self and others for the purpose of expanding into a creative space that gratifies and shines light on that which makes us smile. 

As we leave those thoughts that isolate us from enjoyment, we weaken the ego and empower the mind toward more subtle planes of time and space that ignite the spirit. 

Leting go of the mundane concerns that occupy our mind allows us to more fully enter the cheerful, carefree moments that propel us toward cloud nine and leave us feeling as if we are 

     walking on air

          jumping for joy

               over the moon

                    on top of the world

                         as happy as a clam

                              tickled pink

We create our own private ceremony of the world ... connecting it with those moments that enliven us are the winds that bring powerful dreams into being. 

Happiness flourishes when we focus on the emotional state of well-being that fills us with vision and the understanding that we can shape and transform the world around us. 

The possibilities expand through our imagination, which stimulates creativity. The vision that follows lays the groundwork for the intricate dance of colors and symbols, dreams and fantasy, ideals and images that expand our heart and minds toward capturing love and happiness for ourselves. 

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