Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Evolution of Social Networking Sites

Rousseau said that "sociable man" ... always lives "outside himself, is capable of living only in the opinion of others and, so to speak, derives the sentiment of his own existence solely from their judgment." - Discourse on Inequality

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The above info/images make up the majority of the Facebook posts and Twitter feeds I come across on any given day (or at least during the last 2 years I've been online).  

Most of the posts I've seen in news feeds are aimed at making people feel better about themselves by cutting to the chase of any given topic and more freely admitting what they - prior to the Internet - might not have previously allowed themselves to admit freely in public.

What do we share with the world during the private moments we have to ourselves? What is the world saying? Where are we headed?

It's dizzying when we try to interpret these messages by outdated metrics...

The bottom line is that we all have something to learn, which is why the Internet is the greatest thing since the discovery of fire. Like our ancestors, the only thing we're truly worried about is not letting the fire go out. 

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