Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love is Like a Rose

Emotions in love
Are tender
Just as
Petals on the flower
Are fragile
It takes time
For a flower to blossom
Just as
It takes time
For love to grow
But when comes the moment
The true beauty of the rose is seen
It is never forgotten
Just as
The pure joy of love is felt
It's warmth remains forever...

Whether or not you wish to admit it, there's a certain something in the air this Valentine's Day. Married, single, in love, or alone... this smile of the mind causes us all to ruminate (or daydream) on the concept of love. 

Perhaps it's because the economy is finally showing signs of life... 

Whatever the reason, there's an air of liberation sweeping over the land resembling the same winds of post-revolutionary change that followed the first World War. 

This previously felt lighthearted phenomenon owed its emergence to a number of circumstances, the most notable being the lingering reactions to 19th century Victorianism, that led an iconoclastic attack upon traditional social values. 

Today, we're seeing the same revolutionary impulses blossoming in every field, the predominant expression stemming from the field of technological invention. These same sentiments take on many expressions of culture through music, theatre, art, dance, literature, and computer programming. 

There's an enchanting barbarity to the changes we're seeing around the world. Perhaps someday we'll look back on this time and see it as a fountain of imagination; a time when our species' ingenuity led us to unimaginable new heights...releasing a creative spirit that finally flew unfettered. 

Happy Valentine's Day to all the unfettered souls out there... may we all find the necessary wings to take flight...

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