Friday, August 31, 2012

Waffles and Philosophy

Our appreciation of waffles deals with questions that arise about ourselves by virtue of our innate drive for order and understanding. As with the symmetry of a waffle, so, too, do we seek to define the world. 

We categorize each new idea or object with respect to its relationship to an accompanying dimensional space with which we (or our idea) share. 

Waffles naturally cause us to question our own nature and whether we created ourselves and are merely saturated under a layer of amnesic maple syrup which prevents us from coherency or whether we were indeed created by a separate entity, such as by a company named Eggo®, which in turn we again try to categorize with respect to its relationship to us. 

The savory goodness of biting into a hot, buttery, incandescently maple-flavored accompaniment makes my mouth water. My personality identity is recognized even in this vicarious thought experiment (i.e., imagining the sensation in order to describe it verbally). I recognize "me" outside me as an expression dependent upon that first bite. 

Before relishing in the experience, I energetically "feel" it first. The combination of that warm, sweet goodness in my mouth swells within me, and the moment I bite down, there's a release. I am feeling the moment. 

The pleasures that arise from biting into this waffle marks a permanent memory in my temporal lobe, where I process emotions. I am now deeply connected to the pleasurable experience of eating waffles. 

In questioning my relationship to this pleasure, I come full-waffle into realizing a deeper connection, our relationship to each other and the universe by the mere recognition that both concepts exist: me and the waffle. By recognizing the existence of any object outside myself, I naturally acknowledge my own. 

In doing so, the duality that exists between ourselves and the waffle, with its waffle-like repeating-pattern design as well as all the other pattern-like repeating-designs we uncover about the universe at large causes yet another, more elusive, less obvious concept to be examined - namely, whether or not we should fill each and every pocket with an equally distributed amount of melted butter and maple syrup? And of course, which maple syrup we should buy or produce (were we to suddenly decide to take up residence in a cult or commune where we would grow our own food)?

The philosophy of waffles takes us into deep, unchartered metaphysical waters to the philosophy of mind... with each square of waffle goodness...

YUM! to is our personal identity connected to all of the objects in our minds... be that waffles, pancakes, technology, biology, physics, or being. 

The only thing left to say is... 

If you or someone you know has had a near-waffle experience, please write in and tell us about it: 


If, as a direct result of reading this post, you feel compelled to eat a waffle and do indeed purchase a waffle, please email our legal department with specific details so that we might validate the royalty claims we have already submitted to Eggo Corporation in anticipation of the increased sales volume their company will experience as well as our rightful share in making that happen. 


Sophly Laughing
Legal Department 

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