Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy Thoughts Moving Onward

Thank you to all who have followed my journey into humor.  For those who know me best, you know that good humor is ever-present in my own world. Admittedly, it took some deep soul searching for my brain to take humor seriously, but after doing so, the theories I had coming into the venture proved correct ... and I couldn't be happier about that. 

About humor, I learned this: 
  1. Humor really is infectious. 
  2. Humor does lighten burdens, inspire hope, and connect us to others. 
  3. Humor increases our insight, keeps us grounded, focused, alert, and happy. 
  4. Laughter is a universal language that we all speak, that stimulates both sides of the brain. 
  5. Finding the humor in a situation enables us to understand the more important messages our serious brain does not immediately register. 
  6. Feeling good enables us to remember things longer. 
  7. We all learn more when we are having fun. 

Writing this blog has been a creative exploration in imagining and sharing thoughts that make me laugh, smile, or think. I hope it has been an enjoyable experience for those who have followed with me down the humor rabbit hole. 

As I move on from public humor sharing, the joke lives on. Good humor will follow me back into my professional world, onward into my personal life, and hopefully contagiously into the lives of the many people who laughed along with me.

Exploring and sharing humor on social media has broadened my mind and thinking like no other activity could ... meditation, rumination, philosophizing, theorizing, nor strategizing could yield what a simple laugh can produce. This is something I hope I never ever forget. 

Life has many complexities, many twists and turns, ups and downs, and things that make you feel as if the world just twisted your inners outside for the whole world to see. In other words, life can be unpleasant, to the extreme. But for those who maintain a good sense of humor (an ability to laugh at life and ourselves without self-deprecation, cynicism, or sarcasm), humor offers a much needed respite, a time out from the seriousness life can produce in our hearts and minds. 

When I started this journey I was in need of a little humor in my life. My professional persona was overshadowing my personal enjoyment of life. While I have worked diligently to make time for sharing jokes and posting in my blog under the auspices of humor, I have experienced a paradigm shift in my own awareness of how I present myself to the world. In other words, I was letting my ideal of what it means to be a professional overshadow the joy I feel inside of me. 

I used to believe that I needed to be serious to be taken seriously, when in reality, diligence and hard work have nothing to do with being serious. Being serious takes us away from the fun and enjoyment of living. When we see the fun, we see the many possibilities we can create. When we see the humor in a situation, we let go of limiting thoughts. The combination is what creates success. Being serious only impedes it. 

Being serious shrinks our brains

There is absolutely no reason to focus on serious thoughts. Come what may, I would rather be called silly or considered ridiculous than be called serious, ever again. Being a naturally analytically driven thinker with a penchant for precision in language, I know I can come off as dry, even if I am smiling on the inside. 

Sharing humor publicly has allowed me to let my hair down and show the world what is behind an otherwise reflective, determined, businesslike exterior. Even though I am taking a break from my regularly scheduled humor program, I do hope to someday publish a book of this fun-filled amazing adventure. 

Thank you again to all who have followed along and made me laugh harder than any joke I ever shared ... 
Humor is definitely best when shared !!!

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