Friday, February 19, 2016

The Real Me


(for friends who keep asking me 'What's up with you?')
I leave a large carbon footprint, love GMO "enhanced" produce - but, only if that produce is then reconstituted, repurposed and then introduced (in the form of a "natural" flavoring injection) into my grilled slabs of rare....if not "endangered" wild game. I don't think we NEED bees. I don't buy "free range." I buy confined, doctored up, light manipulated, dazed and confused poultry with miserable lives - and frankly, I wouldn't want it any other way.
I despise "green" spaces. I like "grey" concrete; The more, the better. We ought to demolish every solar and wind farm out there and replace them with wildly inefficient coal and nuclear plants, on fault lines. Oh, and "fracking?" Um, yeah, it's like frackin' AWESOME!!!
My politics run right of the "far right" far right in fact....that they actually make the complete circle and appear again on the far left.
I believe in games...especially when it comes to people's hearts. I stay out of shape, avoid the outdoors like the plague, feel uncomfortable in business jeans and a T-shirt ... in ballroom gowns... or, any other combination or variation on getting dressed up or down, entertaining at parties or "just chilling" at home with a movie. For fun, I run a lot...mostly with scissors. I believe in clear-cutting forests and hunting every last, gosh darn creature to extinction; After all, how else are we to PROVE our dominion over the animal kingdom?
I don't do the "daylight savings" thing...I prefer to spend it, any way I darn well choose to! Also, when traveling, I refuse to adjust the watch that I refuse to wear to the local time zone; it's my clock/watch, which I no longer wear - So, no. Sorry.
"The most interesting woman in the world" and I were bitter rivals and roommates in college; But, I beat her fair and square....I think she's still irked at me and working for some cerveza company in Mexico now. I heard she mutters "Stay thirsty my friends" in sleepless fits. But I'm okay with that.

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