Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Exist, Therefore, I Must Be Very Smart

For the geniusly deranged who insist upon following this algorithm of consciousness theory of mine, let's further infer that a biological structure could be held continuously along one or more larger states in a length of coherence capable of performing microscopic processing at differing states. 

(Assume the cosmos is evolving or that all matter in the known universe is evolving resulting in complex building blocks or dark matter components, latent matter not currently necessary for cosmological survival or exploration). 

Assuming that these states can (1) interact via reinforcement or overlapping waves (superimpose biological algorithms that mimic these effects in crossover) to form a larger wave; (2) interact via cancellation or by forming nothing at all, or; (3) interact via interference (superimpose recombination found in evolutionary biology that creates an adaptive system to test regions not previously sampled), making a more complex waveform, we can then infer that a human has inherent data structures that make it capable of performing microscopic or quantum processing that interact with a constellation of attributes capable of interaction via inherently clustered quantum waves. 

If human beings can "give explicit instructions for determining the nth member of a set, for arbitrary finite n, we (i.e., the DNA particles bound together by hydrogen molecules) could also be held as an input integer within a range of 0 to infinity, which may also share the capability of autonomously modulating attentional and computational or algorithmic efforts, as seen in human consciousness. 

(Okay, I can't help myself, but in the Rigveda, one of India's oldest collections of Vedic Sanskrit hymns, I recall reading a verse indicating that we are held in a higher mind, i.e., connected [bandhu] between the astronomical, the physiological, and the "spiritual.")

Moving on...

Just as the cosmos is composed primarily of dark matter, humans are composed primarily of the strings of complex building blocks. These similarities lend to the idea that the condition of consciousness inherent in human beings developed as the result of an algorithm, which exists cosmologically throughout the universe in particles that somehow bind matter together in a sort of multi-dimensional, cosmological algorithm of conscious processing and awareness. 

Wow, if you didn't already believe yourself to be a genius, just knowing that you're coexisting in a quantum field of genius creativity must have just boosted your self-esteem (I know it did mine). 

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