Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bridge For Sale

As I was saying, while crossover complicates the effects of implicit parallelism, one evolutionary aspect of the human species that has been preserved in compact building blocks has been the inherent desire for discovery, to test new parts of target regions rather than to test the same string over and over again in successive generations. (By the way, it just so happens that these complex building blocks mirror the cosmological red-shifted spectra of expanding galaxies). 

In fact, the number of building blocks in a population of strings still vastly exceeds the total number of strings, so the genetic algorithm still exhibits implicit parallelism. This implicit parallelism allows us to test and exploit large numbers of regions in the search space while manipulating relatively few strings. Implicit parallelism also helps genetic algorithms cope with nonlinear problems by focusing attention on the most promising parts of a solution space (due to the ability to combine strings containing partial solutions). 

The discovery that the universe is expanding is a pretty cool idea. This expansion can be superimposed and applied toward genetic evolution, whereas the being is constantly expanding or evolving. The building blocks may not serve as the so-called "keepers" of genetic algorithms but rather as the collapsed or discarded DNA (like a genetic black hole that contracted in on itself) like we see in the universe called dark matter. 

Much like the discovery of microwave radiation by Penzias and Wilson in 1965, discarded human DNA is an indication of discarded genetic density in the past. Otherwise, if this DNA were not discarded, humans would be enormous in size. And as Penrose showed in 1965, a star collapsing under its own gravity is trapped in a region whose surface eventually shrinks to zero size, so too must its volume. 

All the matter or discarded DNA in humans has been compressed into a region of zero volume, so the density of matter and the curvature of evolution become infinite. In other words, there is an algorithm that maintains a constant mass and position in space and time for human beings relative to other bodies (stars, galaxies) in the universe that prohibits humans from outgrowing their habitats. 

And if you believe this, I have a bridge that I ordered, though the wrong one was delivered, which I intended upon erecting in my backyard that is now for sale. 

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