Sunday, April 17, 2011

Part VI: Shall I Enter?

I have dedicated the better part of my life to the search for a transcendent level of knowledge. Commenting and agonizing, theorizing and exacting, it is not a path for everyone. Anyone who aligns themselves with this labor is never the same. It is dehumanizing in its extreme deliberations, yet, entirely freeing in reflection. Combined with free expression and acceptance, a dwelling place away from scrutiny, detail, and concern, offers total, unmitigated amusement and enjoyment. A diversion from malady and disorder, complaint and affliction, delights are savored, adored, and relished. Earthly concerns pale beside it. The questions of humanity remain, but the experience of humanity rises out of the discord and uncertainty and is fully tasted. Despite the lack of answers, it is complete, repose, and filled with sweet nectar. 

The cost of entrance you ask? Something so simple and yet alluding. The impiety of discontent costs us admittance. Our right of entry resides in our willingness to accept the world as it is. Your mind will not recruit a single adherent but will lower and begrudge your leave from the pangs and throes of uncertainty. Once we recognize their dominion over our actions, we no longer join in that dubious battle. We simply walk away. In that simple act, we find our canvas is ours in the making. 

An initial feeling of comfort envelops followed by igniting prospects of alternative choices. Decisions matter not. Creativity reigns. Expression appears forth from the hand that now listens to the heart. Inaugurating in a new state of being. Rather than looking outward, we express from within. It’s like a cosmic explosion of luminous offering. Existing without imposing. Supreme compositions of cognitive music, prose poetry, genius renderings cheerfully ignite, accept, and invite the lovers of imaginative temperament to voluntary take part. All that needs to be said can be expressed. Softly, intelligible translators of truth who non-reliant upon words, vex and capture our sense of fascination dispelling arguments of doubt and heresy.  Translating what cannot be said between the invisible and physical world, we paint. We sculpt. We blend together that which cannot be governed, cannot be ascribed. The whole world constitutes the apex of a realm peculiar in its impartiality. The tension between Being and Becoming combine and perish. We become the Master of our own view, more attracted to enjoyment and pleasure in the consummation of Being. 

Distance opens up between ideas, forms soften, lines yield and sway. Absolute materialist reality, composed of false stories warring and plotting against one another, dissolve. Expression personifies. There is no need to win approval from self or other. No vanity is taken up against nature. The path lies in daily composition, gods take leave, all is restored. 

This extraordinary fusion lies right in front of me. Shall I enter? 

I shall...

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