Saturday, January 16, 2016

Society Does Not Exist

Only individuals exist. 

Society is a metaphysical abstraction. And as an extension an economy is simply people engaging in commerce with one another. Still, there is need to manage these transactions, to protect the welfare of the individuals engaging in supply/demand transactions, if only to regulate interest rate mechanisms. 

As bodies invested with 'spirit' our experience of living is a matter of perception, and relates to a unity of inner acts and potenials, in which we discover ourselves as the organizer - as the composer of our own organic constitution.

The "we" we experience, the inner "I" appears to be a living thing we invent, the presence of another version of ourselves, accompanied by other presentations, which join and once alive or revived, mutually transfer meaning between themselves our our many selves. 

Without the ability to transfer meaning 'we' would not exist. That is, the inner part of the other held within would not be perceived and thus would not be utilized as a catalyst against which we perceive self. 

Only through intuition, applied to language, and then deducted from communication and speech do we interpret signs and symbols of organic experience. When we analyze the initial function of language inside the constitutive system, it underlines the impression produced, as we introduce ourselves to the notion of our other, of our soul from the other organic body. 

We are the living current of our other world, language reduced in the worldly sphere of continuous acts in the analogic transfer of one meaning to another. 

In other more poetic words: 

"The Sun is bright," said the dark sky of night. 

Like history, the notion of "I" of "we" of "society" is the fiction we invent to persuade ourselves that events are knowable and that life has order and direction. 

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