Saturday, January 19, 2013

Snowing in Paris

It's snowing in Paris! The romantic pink hue that we ascribe to Paris has been brushed by the color of angelic purity. Even the new curse words I've learned in French are coming out clean. 

The snow's ubiquitous influence is felt by everyone as they scurry from their apartments to the Boulangerie this morning. Swiping my hands along our snow-covered car, I delight in the stark difference between the snow's soft image and its icy distinction. 

There's an almost translucent, radiance outside that makes the streets of Paris seem as if they are glowing with white magic. Even little white lies are adorable in this kind of weather. 

Increasing awareness of, curiosity about, and imperative to go out and play in the snow has led to the 15 layers of clothing I'm wearing, just to go outside. 

Just kidding! These beauties would get ruined in the snow... 
In reality, I'm stuck wearing these boots:

With hand warmers stuffed into my gloves, and feet warmers tucked inside my boots, I'm ready to go out and uncover the invisibility of this white ubiquity. The snow provides an excellent provocation to go make tracks through theories of purity and goodness that defines the color white.  

Separating the lexicon of race from the color white allows us to formulate a sketch of what the concept "white" circumscribes. Reflected in its connotation are the concepts of stainless, spotless, unstained innocence. A pristinely clean, pure environment or concept. 

Eagerly, I prepare myself to go out and brave the snow-covered streets of Paris. With music from my iPod as an accompaniment, the warmth and aural dynamics from the bakeries beckon me inside. There's nothing like sitting in a café with a freshly baked, flaky croissant, a cup of coffee, and Le Monde to soothe the mind. 

While I sit here intellectualizing the deeper significance of a snow day in Paris... with my iPod, my new snow boots, MacBook Pro, and an all around aesthetic coolness, I find myself carried away by the beauty of it all. 

(Fia in her new snow outfit!) 

The Paris I've come to know and love has taken on a new meaning today. It's a soft, cool, nostalgic experience that most definitely deserves the 30 minutes I just spent writing this post... 

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